JI Story

A majestic blend between the old Chinese and the old Balinese cultures, this ornate and elegant dark wood temple features beautiful carvings and details of mythological animals all over the roofs and ceilings. It was originally a family temple that had been used for generations, before it was saved and found by the founder/designer of Tugu Hotels & Restaurants, the antique collector Anhar Setjadibrata. The beautiful temple is now housed in a red room that features a delicate 18th century Goddess of Mercy, as well as numerous artifacts, heritage of the grandiose lives of barons and Balinese sovereigns from past centuries. Coloring the red walls are black and white full-sized portraits of Balinese monarch rulers as well as original Chinese paintings from Qing dynasty.

The cuisine at JI is inspired by centuries old cooking tradition from Japan, as well as other East Asian countries, with focus on classical art of grilling (robata) as well as the finer arts of sushi in bringing beautifully delicate flavors of Asia to guests’ tables.

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday from 5pm until finished
Food take away from 4pm – 11pm
Wine to go from 11am – 11pm